All Things Must Pass

This week will be reports and pictures from the Better World Books Warehouse (or “Green House” as we know it) in South Bend as we conduct our yearly meeting week.

Mr. LaGrou showing how we solve disputes concerning process decisions at Better World Books

Before the climactic scene in “Almost Famous” (in which they sing “Tiny Dancer” on the bus, legendary scene) they carry the guitarist, Russell, onto the bus.  The manager says, in his almost British lilt “Ladies and gentlemen, the evening is over.  We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves, and we’ll See you again in 1974!! Good evening!!”  The bus doors close and the rest is a come down from the insanity of the previous days, which is an apt comparison after the non-stop action of Better World Books week.  Our shirts say “I survived BWB Week 2008” but some people made the adjustment “I almost survived…” and that was probably more accurate.  Hitting the books and then unwinding is quite a task…

So it was on Friday, as people slowly filed out after a spectacular presentation and a group photo that is sure to have some fine lookin’ individuals in it with our  new Better World Books shirts.  One by one cars filtered off to Midway (gotta love Southwest Airlines!  Also, loving Midway, the expert traveler line was fantastic and the sandwich shop hits the spot) and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say sleep was had and relief was enjoyed.

As usual, these events can’t come soon enough and there are so many updates I’m scouring my notebook trying to keep you posted, that’s going to have to come in another email, blowing up with awesome.

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