What We’re Reading: ATL

Over in the ATL office, home of book collections, and the Braves and unofficial capital of the Souf [sic], here’s what they’re reading (when they’re not on the phone or emailing you updates):

Roselle – Smart Women Finish Rich (by David Bach, video interview with DB coming soon!)
Erin – Hell to Pay & Soul Circus & American Gods & Good Omens
Lora – Manner of Death & 11 on Top & Thr3e & The Good Guy & The Taking (overachiever!)
Jozi – Emotional Intelligence & Christine & The Enchantress of Florence & She Got Up Off the Couch
Courtney – The Five Love Languages
Angela – The Last Juror
Will – Black Voices
Ayanna – Shattered Trust & Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
[Library Team member] – Think and Grow Rich & No Plot, No Problem

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