“We Made It… but We Might Not Make it Home”

We’re live at Rothbury Music Festival! Our hi-jinx will be (roughly) recounted and hopefully you’ll get a (clean) image of what’s going on here.

*We’re awoken at 6 AM to the sounds of the “yeah dude!” type guys next to us. They’ve pulled in at 5 and are trying to navigate a gigantic RV*
*One of us leaves their tent*: Guys, it’s 6 AM, come on with the yelling.
(White hat brigade): WHATEVER DUDE, WE’RE GONNA BE PARTYING ALL WEEK! COLLEGE, WOOOO! [end not actually said, just implied]

So 6am it is. We stagger over to our area and setup our supersweet bookselling area. We’re 8 strong (Me, Geoff, David, Kelly, Jaime, Aaron, Jesse, Ryan) and we’re ready to move some books and engage in the nebulously metric’d activity that is “brand awareness and customer outreach.” We’re not exactly sure how that’s going to work, but dammit we’ve got a lot of shirts, buttons and stickers and a case of Diet Coke and I’m pretty sure the mixture is going to work.

On the other hand, our nutritional sustenance was hand selected by an architect from Chile and the head of Customer Service and they’ve decided that we need (actual numbers, keep in mind this is 8 people for 5 days):
48 Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns
16 Cans of Baked Beans (no can opener)
60 Red Bulls
Two boxes of Cheerios
60 packets of Instant Oatmeal


The first day we come out strong, books are being sold, shirts are being worn, hula hoops are being… hula hooped(?)… and necks are being sunburned while hippies and college lads and lasses of all shapes, sizes and ages mill around the store taking our awesome selection of books (thanks Shannon and Kelly!) while we run around handing out discounts and put in 9 hours of in yo face marketing. The workday ends at 8 PM, Disco Biscuits begin and the rest is left for another blog but I’ll tell you that many more stickers were given out and many a friendly discussion continued.

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