Making a Splash at ALA in Anaheim

For those who were there, you caught the Better World Books team making quite the splash at the recent annual meeting of our nation’s librarians and library professionals. For those who weren’t, you missed a rare opportunity to see us at our best, relaxed and basking in the glow of the best jobs in the world: taking books which were either donated to or discarded by libraries and creating opportunities for literacy and success on nearly every continent of our small globe.

(L-R, standing: Phil Sorberg, Client Support; Christopher Johnson, Director, Community Outreach; Rudy Reyes Jr., Director, Sales and ARC; Dustin Holland, Vice President; Walter Sears, Director, Library Services; kneeling: Christian Blue and Jacob Fu, Account Representatives.)

We enjoyed seeing so many of our old friends and meeting some new ones. We also bumped into a number of our closest collaborators including Emily Kirkpatrick, Sr. Vice President at the National Center for Family Literacy. She insisted on getting a photo that she could put on her desk — we take no responsibility for the office rivalry that is sure to ensue.

Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you next year (theme to-be-determined; suggestions welcomed)!

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