Community Outreach Day!

On June 19th, BWB wrapped up their week of annual meetings.  This is a time where all employees meet at the warehouse and review the past fiscal year and make plans and goals for the following year.  It is a long week of collaboration, discussion, learning, and sharing.

We wanted to do something that would sum up all the wonderful things we discussed throughout the week and emphasize our spirit of team work, and community involvement.  In an effort to follow our hearts and do something that makes a difference but at the same time challenge us and be enjoyed, we decided to spend the 19th as the first ever company wide BWB Community Outreach Day!

(Casey, head of Pricing, taking “Outreach” a little too seriously)

Locally, our offices in NY, GA, and CA have done things in their respective communities.  We here at the warehouse have also become more involved with the community through green festivals and literacy groups, but we had never done something to this large a scale. We opened up the activities to anyone that wanted to join.  With over 100 employees and 5 different destinations, it was a logistical challenge to say the least.  However, we had the most perfect weather, local school buses to transport us around, and wonderful organizations to join.  It is amazing what you can get done, when everyone pitches in!

Over 100 employees from the warehouse, Georgia, California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, and Pennsylvania joined in the fun.

(the first round of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall)

First Stop:  Habitat for Humanity was finishing up a project close to the warehouse.  They had built a house for a family, and had landscaping, a garage, and interior work to still be done.  28 BWB employees spent the day completing the project and the hammering never stopped!!!

Kreece doing Quality Control on a decidedly non-six sigma job

(Hippie) sod tilling, courtesy of Abby

Everyone putting up a frame, not just an Amish thing!


2nd Stop:  Northern Indiana Food Pantry is a distribution center for many of the local food banks.  45 employees from BWB broken out over 3 shifts went to work sorting food, checking dates, and helping Northern Indiana Food Pantry prepare to distribute many pallets of food to locations throughout the area.Competition broke out over the 3 shifts as to which team sorted the most and judges are still out on that decision!

3rd Stop:  Habitat for Humanity ReStores are retail locations where Habitat sells those materials they recycle from their job sites and resell to support all their good work.  12 employees went to work at the local store here in town.  They were put to work setting up displays, moving product and helping to sort and stock.  The “do-it-yourself” types on staff will be making this store one of their stops when completing another project at home…everyone should!  They have some incredible things you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Look for these stores near you as well:

4th Stop:  City of Mishawaka local parks are something the city takes pride in and they give us welcomed “green space” that our employees as well as others in the community enjoy.  50 workers were dispatched to weed, lay down mulch and pick up debris in some of our area parks keeping up our commitment to the environment.

5th and final Stop:  Literacy Council of St. Joseph County is one of our favorite local groups.  BWB employees have not only volunteered for their adult tutoring program, but we went to work to help them tackle some outstanding tasks at their office in downtown Mishawaka.  4 staff members went over to help with filing, cleaning out closets, setting up bookshelves and packaging up children’s “giveaway” packets complete with books and learning material.

BWB appreciates all these organizations, their hard work and how they contribute to the community.  We wish to thank them all for letting us join in.  Not only did it give the employees here at BWB a day out of the warehouse and fun times spent with coworkers, we were also able to pitch in and help the community.  There isn’t a better way to spend the day!

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