The Destruction of the SF Office

Posted by Jack Hanlon, CBO & Evangelist

We’re hiring at the San Francisco office!  With the amazing benefits of working for us and the obvious benefits of how awesome this office is, you’ll have to swallow a difficult fact: you’re going to get hurt.

I know, it seems ridiculous, who would take a job knowing they would get hurt, and why am I so sure?

Well, you may recall that I’m in a sling due to a torn rotator cuff (hit by motorcycle while riding my bike with coworkers):


Geoff was also recently run over by a car on his bike (clearly he’s a little more casual about his foot/ankle injury):

Justin just had surgery having hurt his knee saving orphans from a burning building (or at least that’s what I’m telling the ladies…):

Xavier is promoting the destruction of the office by being himself:

(I’m the one who boxed his stuff, and yes that is a Santa Claus costume on top)

Meanwhile, Elina is assuredly plotting our destruction, having put up with our boyish antics for too long.

Come aboard, it’s an exciting company with nothing but growth ahead of us.  We love to read and hang out and nothing but opportunity awaits, just make sure you take the big insurance plan…

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