Show Us Some Love, Chilean Edition

Check out this latest bit of press about Better World Books’ own, Jaime Knabet.  Mind you that if you can’t read Spanish then you may need to find a bilingual friend (Jaime is from Chile and this article is from the “New York Times” level paper in Santiago).  That being said, it’s great to get some cool press abroad and it’s also great to see Jaime get some press as the man is flat out talented.  If you’ve ever seen us live at the Green Festivals you’ve seen his tables built of books and various architectural pursuits, and if you’ve bought a book from us you’re indebted to his commitment to crazy new ideas and progress, so now enjoy reading a bit about him.

Jaime is 33, moving back to Chile (we’re all wiping away the tears, seriously), he’s an architect by trade but a warehouse manager by day and, sorry ladies, he’s happily married to his lovely wife Pia (who also works at Better World Books and is a total business rockstar) and has two kids, Victoria and Benjamin (who are obviously training to become book nerds at BWB as well).

Congrats, Jaime!

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