Miracles in Action

A note to us from Miracles in Action:

Last week the Florida teacher volunteers returned from Guatemala, where they implemented a teacher training project that focuses on reading.  Your Better World books were a big part of the supplies we delivered and taught the rural Guatemalan teachers how to best use in teaching the students to read.  This Saturday we are having a planning meeting to discuss the future of this project.  It has worked well in two rural schools (both built with funds from Miracles in Action), and now we are ready to take the program to other schools.  Of course we need lots of books.  I will send you a few photos of the kids reading the books you shipped.  Your staff may enjoy seeing how their efforts have benefited some very poor children, who are totally grateful for the blessing of books.

Many thanks,

Miracles In Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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