World of Good!

It took hours upon hours of work, but we’re live on!  WoG, an eBay initiative “…is the world’s first online marketplace to convene thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place, empowering you to shop in ways that align with your personal values. Respected, independent organizations verify the positive impact every product has on people and the planet. Our goal is to ensure that every choice you make here is a good one.”

Awesome (check out their press).

We couldn’t be happier to be working with such a great collection of people, as we endeavor to make it easier for you to make the world a better place!  (That sentence was a mess, but my heart’s in the right place, just read it until it makes sense).

If you go to their Resources section you can see that we’re offering over 100 titles in the realm of anything from social entrepreuring (a topic we know a little something about), to microfinance to women’s studies.  Don’t just sit here, go check it out!

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