Bookshelves and Your Collection

So we’ve sent out your order of 30 books per month (you and your family are great, love the reading).  Everything is going well but trouble is you’ve already filled the basement, the attic and the doghouse with books, and still you find yourself giving some away to random people who may not even want the latest in sci-fi Star Trek spinoffs (who wouldn’t want that?).

Danny Kuo, an artist/designer from Shanghai has got an answer for you.  Not all of us are lucky enough to have a east wing for a library and office, and for us city folk, this bookshelf is super sweet, allowing you to walk up the removable shelves to get to those great top shelf books (does this work like the bar?  Your first edition Dubliners lives where the 18 year aged Jameson would, right?)  It even has two paperback shelves, recognizing that not all of us are hardcover lovers (carrying a hardcover Crime and Punishment on the train isn’t easy…).


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  2. I love this bookshelve idea!

    Where do I get one?

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