Show Us Some Love, Phi Theta Kappa Edition

[Guest post by Maggie Webster, a Phi Theta Kappa Member who just visited our office in Atlanta!]

Hello Phi Theta Kappa!

I just wanted to share a little of a fabulous day I had on Monday, September 15. I was invited to the Better World Books Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to talk to the staff about what we do at Phi Theta Kappa and they were able to tell me about the process of what they do. They were so excited and asked so many great questions about Phi Theta Kappa. They were really impressed with the levels of leadership throughout the Society as well as the level of involvement.

They also taught me a bit about Better World Books. Did you know that you can research the literacy programs they work with and designate where you’d like your chapter’s donations to go? I didn’t! I also didn’t know that if you reach the goal of 1000 accepted books, you can earn an additional $0.25 on your book for a total of up to $1.25 per book? I didn’t know that Better World Books never throws a book away. The books you collect will never end up in a landfill. In fact, to date 6500 tons have been diverted from landfills! Better World Books is having an Operation Green impact as well!

I hope you’ll keep this great organization in mind for projects this year. After all, Better World Books can help you create a great Honors in Action project — if you relate your book collection to The Paradox of Affluence to help potential donors understand the importance of promoting literacy around the world and also do the research about where you would like your books to go (Scholarship Hallmark), then take the lead to organize the book drive (Leadership Hallmark), and serve the community giving the books and the communities receiving the books and help minimize landfill space needed (Service Hallmark). One Better World Books employee suggested having a “Packing Party” to pack up all the books collected, enhancing the Fellowship Hallmark!

How lucky are we to be able to partner with such amazing groups? They even gave me a t-shirt to wear!

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