Great American Book Drive Brooklyn

The Great American Book Drive got off to a strong start in Brooklyn.  There was a band, a book sale, face painting, and, of course, lots of book donations.  Minus a few stitches in Dustin’s finger, the drive went off without a hitch.  By the end of the day, the library was already talking about a repeat performance in the spring – and given the number of people who asked when the next event would be, this seems like a great idea.

We received some good press in advance of the event – including mention in the New York Times and TimeOut New York.  And while a concerted push the past two weeks to promote the event resulted in a total of 15,000 – 20,000 books (many were recycled locally and 8 packed pallets are en route to the Green House), the next time around we will be able to considerably build upon this with sustained and concerted promotion.

Check out a few photos from the day.

Looking forward to sharing more details but I wanted to give you a quick update before the close of the weekend.

Finally, was great to have the help of my colleagues – thanks guys – and I’m looking forward to building off of our good start in Chicago and Boston.

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