Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day!  The goal, as their website states is:

“Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.”

So here’s my post:

Here at Better World Books, we see everything through a certain lens, and that lens is dead focused on literacy.  If a woman in Africa is literate, she is 50% less likely to contract HIV.  1 in 7 people in the world are illiterate and the majority of these people are women.  Over half of the eligible population in Detroit, Michigan doesn’t graduate from high school.  The fact is, if you can’t read, you can’t succeed.  Literacy is the first step towards sustainability and stepping out of the tangled web of poverty.

Literacy isn’t a skill, it’s as fundamental as sleeping or going to work– if you can’t do it, you’re not going to make it.  That’s why we’re so serious about making a difference in this space.  See that ticker up top (OK, yes, I need to update it)?  It says it clear as day, through your buying books at, we’ve raised over $4.5 million for global literacy.  Be it money for children in Latin America with Worldfund, scholarships for young women and libraries in Southeast Asia through Room to Read, cash to programs here in the US sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy, aiding the number of homeless and poor children of Uganda with Invisible Children, or being the largest shipper of college level textbooks to Africa via Books for Africa, we’ve talked the talk and walked the walk, distributing over 1,000,000 books along with the excellent amount of cash raised.

We’re doing our part, not because it’s sexy (though giving always is, and you know it) and not because it makes us feel good (though that warm fuzzy feeling is great), we do it because it’s our responsibility.  As those who can, we must get involved in making a change, be it a simple blog post, a single book given or a single kid tutored near our offices (loving Robinson Literacy and 826!). It’s worth it because the bottom line isn’t about what we make, and it’s not about who we claim to be, it’s about who we are and what we do.


  1. Great post, Thank you for sharing, I myself wrote about it here: and got a huge respond from readers and other bloggers. Would you please honor us and share your thoughts by leaving a comment on out post? I am trying to come up with something new tomorrow and I will include and encourage readers to visit your blog back so we can all unite to fight poverty.

  2. Hiya! Came across you over Blog Action Day but I am going to blogroll you because of the book connection – Good to find a site which seems to be making a real difference and to intellectual poverty also!

  3. Well said Jack.

  4. Alex and Paul, just went over to your sites and posted. Paul, fantastic post about Keith Moon and your mum by the way. I love that Thunderclap Newman song! I’ll definitely think of that from now on when I hear it. Alex, all good things on your site, and great interactions going on. Way to keep it up with more posts and works.

    Thanks Jesse

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