Rolling out the Red Carpet

Here at the Greenhouse, we get a lot of visitors from near and far; and, let me tell you, it never gets old. In fact, it’s one of the things that I enjoy most about being based here in Mishawaka. Among our recent guests were the Ambassador of Malawi to the United States and the Honorable Joe Donnelly of Indiana’s Second Congressional District.

Most recently, we received a visit from our local public television, WNIT, and their awesome program Outdoor Elements. Host Evie Kirkwood, who also serves as the director of our county park system, brought a film crew to tape a segment for the program which will air in Feburary 2009.

We walked our distribution center for about an hour, exploring all of the ways in which our little company in the corn fields has really embraced its sustainbility focused mission. From waste recycling to our co-op garden to our committment to reuse just about everything that we come in contact with (including our shelving and furniture), there was plenty into which to sink our teeth. I’m actually curious to see what will air during the short, 10-minute segment, given that we must have filmed more than 45 minutes worth! I’ll be sure to update you when the segment is available.

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