Show Us Some Love: Scotland Edition

Over at there’s a glowing report of recently opened Better World UK.

Check it out:

A US-BASED online bookseller which gives a proportion of its turnover to literacy charities has launched its first overseas subsidiary in Scotland.Better World Books (BWB), which was set up in 2001 by a trio of IT graduates in Indiana, has opened a warehouse in Dunfermline and claims it is aiming to become a serious rival to Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic. (continue reading)


  1. alice hudson says:

    Forgive me for seeming so dumb but I can’t seem to find a list of your books. I’d also like to know about postage to mainland Europe.

    many thanks


  2. Alice, that’s not dumb at all, just go to and enjoy the selection!

    Shipping to mainland Europe (and anywhere that’s not the US for that matter) is $3.97 per book (factored in to our prices that’s still heaps better than bookstores around there. When I was in Ireland I used to pay out my nose for good book).

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