Flabbergasted: Flu Season

Welcome to the flu season Better World Bookers.  I know what some of you are thinking:  “I will not get the flu.  I am going to get a flu shot.”

Then on the way to get your flu shot you start to feel a tickle in the back of your throat and not a good tickle.  A tickle that makes you think, “Why should I spend 30 bucks for a painful shot when I may be sick already.”  Then you think of all the times you heard “flu shots make you sick.”

Is this true?  Was this ever true?  Or… are flu shots the best placebo ever created?  Perhaps a flu shot is just a shot of chicken noodle soup.  Why does chicken noodle soup make you feel better? Because Mama told you it would. Why would Mama lie?

I think flu shots are the most powerful placebo known to man.  Some people get the shot and suddenly they have flu symptoms and this actually convinces them that the shot works.  “That is how you know it is working.”  Working? That is like buying a winter coat that initially makes you cold which indicates “it is working.”

One year, Santa Clause brought me Choose your own adventure books.  When I used to read Choose your own adventure books, people thought I was a slow reader.  I am not a slow reader. I am a slow decider.  Imagine if The Great Gatsby asked you to participate, “if you choose to kiss Daisy go to page 34.”

I just started a audio book this morning while driving to work.  The book is pretty good so far except for the part where I remembered that I forgot my lunch at home.  It is hard to pay attention to an audio book while you are wondering if your ham and cheese sandwhich is worth turning around in the morning traffic.  This is my first audio book but it is not my first time drifting off while I am listening to someone talk.

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  1. H1N1 (swine flu) has been medically proven to be undeterred by flu shots, so far 🙂

    Methinks it’s time for plan B, no? 😉

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