Flabbergasted: Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon

A popular pizza chain recently introduced pasta to their menu options. In order to illustrate the quality of the product they advertised that a fine dining restaurant served their pasta and the customers loved it. One of their popular new pasta options is: macaroni and cheese with bacon.

In the commercial the people could not believe they were eating pasta they could have delivered to their front door for a mere 12 bucks. They had no idea that their meal had been a ruse. I think that they should have had a clue when the fancy restaurant had macaroni and cheese with bacon on the menu. “What varietal of wine do you suggest I have with the macaroni and cheese with bacon?”

I once took a girl to a fancy restaurant and she broke the rule of expensive dining: You don’t complain until you get to the car.

Here is why:

1) It is expensive so you have to at least pretend to enjoy it, it’s called a sunk cost effect.

2) You never know, it may be a ruse and you could end up on TV if you say you like the food.

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