Happy Thanksgiving!

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Stuff Yourself with Books!

This Thanksgiving you’ll get your fill of turkey (or tofurkey), stuffing, cranberry sauce, football and get more than your share of over-bearing inlaws (oh Uncle Marty…). So why don’t you treat yourself to a healthy serving of new and used books from BetterWorld.com to offset all that delicious tryptophan. Expand your mind as well as your waist line.

Stuff Yourself with Books!
This week only:

10% off purchases
of $30 and up


15% off purchases
of $60 and up

Coupon Code: GRAVY

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Give the Gift of Literacy.

Give a Better World Books Gift Certificate.

The holiday season is upon us and there is no time like the present to start (and finish!) your gift giving obligations by purchasing Better World Books gift certificates. It’ll be like a Christmas play! We’ll play the part of the literacy funding, job creating, sustainable, book saving, free and affordable shipping providing, good reading offering (and dare I say dreadfully handsome?) bookstore, you play the part of the empowered socially and green conscious maiden in holiday distress, looking for a great deal on books where the money will brighten yours and someone-in-need’s holiday season.

Give a

Better World Books Gift Certificate and let your loved ones shop BetterWorld.com for their perfect read.

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Happy Turkey-Day, (Happy Reading)



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  1. Are all used books in good condition, with both covers intact?

  2. Hey Marg,
    The condition is well noted on each product page, regardless we only sell books that are up to the standard. No one wants a book sans covers… right? (If you do we can probably hook you up with those too).

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