Better World Books Wants You to Get Selfish

Get selfish.

It’s a phrase you’re going to be hearing quite a bit these days.  “Get selfish.”  Forget about what you want to do for others, it’s time you focused on what’s important: your rent, your job, i.e. you.

“Get selfish.” You’re going to hear about how you should change the focus, how now is the time to be serious about buckling down and hear the government talk of cuts in spending that include either the proverbial “hatchet” or “scalpel” to limit the issue.  You will be told to be careful with your spending and your assets.  You will lament your 401k, and if you haven’t done any retirement planning you will be told how dire the situation really is.

You’re going to hear “Get selfish.”  make time for you.  “Get selfish.” Give less, save more.  “Get selfish.” Do what you need to do.

What you’re not going to hear is about how hard it is for those elsewhere.  You’re not going to hear about the people who, forget about a mortgage, have never had clean water.  You’re not going to hear about people with diseases and no access to doctors.  You’re not going to hear about people in the US who drop out of high school to keep a roof over sibling’s heads.  You’re not going to hear about kids who never had a chance.  You’re not going to hear about the people who need your help the most.  Now.

If it’s getting hard for you, imagine what it’s like for those in need.

If you can connect with that–if you can feel for the people who will really be missing out this holiday season, that’s the way to be “recession-proof.”  The environment and people aren’t things that need to be focused on “when you have a chance,” they need to be as much of a priority as anything else.  These are not tertiary concerns.  The challenge in these times is to see further ahead than that next rent check, believe me, I know it’s hard.  But if not us, then who?  If not now then when?

So get selfish, readers.  Get selfish about improving your world and everyone in it, get selfish about making your environment cleaner, and get selfish about what mark you will leave on society, not about what mark society tries to leave on you.

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