Top Ten Best Green Books

This one is pretty straightforward.  With the world changing like it is, and arguments on either side of what is to be done as a result, there are incredible opportunities both in the career world and even on your block.  These are 10 books that you need to read:

1. Hot, Flat and Crowded – Barack’s favorite economist is a hot author lately, and between his tomes on the Middle East and takes on the world, this is a must read. 

2. Green to Gold – If you are someone at a decision making level in your company, no matter what industry, this is a must read.  It’s the new Bible of green business.

3. Natural Capitalism – Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins are three of the smartest people in the green space and they’ve been doing this for years.  This amalgamation of thoughts from the three pundits is rife with information vital to understanding how the world economy will change over the next years.

4. The Green Collar Economy – Van Jones doesn’t talk about it, he IS about it.  This book discusses where he sees potential for growth and how he would like to see the new “Green Collar Economy” produce high paying jobs for those who are in poverty.

5. Cradle to Cradle – This book isn’t just a story, now it’s a level of certification.  Cradle to Cradle is so entrenched in the mission that it isn’t even made of paper; it’s waterproof and biodegradable.

6. Exposed – If you knew what was in the chemicals that you use or what went into making your favorite products, maybe you would think twice…

7. The Thrive Diet – Throw those so-called diets out the window.  If you really believe that just changing what you eat and not doing anything is going to work, don’t bother.  Thrive is written by ex-Ironman Brendan Brazier and tells you how to save money and eat foods that that will help you physically AND mentally.

8. The Green Parent – Going green at work is fine, and in the home it makes sense, but how am I supposed to be green with kids?  Jenn Savedge has tackled these problems for years on her blog and continues with a great text.

9. Go Green, Live Rich – Plenty is said about how going green will help the world, but how about helping yourself?  David Bach, author of the Automatic Million, describes how going green can save you serious cash. 

10. 2012 – Daniel Pinchbeck’s effort has been lauded as visionary and trashed as psychadelic babble.  Either way, it’s a fascinating read, and love it or hate it his voice is a vital one in the green scene.

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