Paging Authors Podcast: Herve Kempf

Paging Authors with Dana Barrett is a weekly podcast in which our lovely and talented Ms. Barrett sits down with your favorite bestselling authors as well as up and coming literary stars.

Join Dana for a chat with French journalist Hervé Kempf about his book How the Rich are Destroying the Earth. Since 1988 Mr. Kemp has specialized in environmental and ecological reporting. He created the environmental magazine Reporterre, and has written for scientific and economic newspapers. He is the Environmental Editor at Le Monde, the most influential French newspaper, where and covers ecological topics, notably climate change and biodiversity. Le Monde now has an entire section devoted to environment and science. Traveling worldwide for his reporting, Kempf makes his home in Paris.

His previous books are La Guerre secréte des OGM (The Secret War of GMOs, 2003), which tells the history of transgenic research and development, and the rebellion against it in Europe, and Gaza, la Vie en Cage (with photos from Jérome Equer, 2005), which tells the daily life of inhabitants of the Gaza strip—it has been translated and published in the U.S. as Gaza, Life in a Cage (Algora, 2006).




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  3. The book is a landmark – lots of insight to be gained on individualism/greed/lonelyness vs solidarity,future generation, ecology, environment, our responsability towards the current model of consumption.

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