Duke and Me

I am an animal lover.

I especially love animals that do not live with me.  I have 6 roommates: 3 human roommates, 2 feline roommates, and a 100 pound pit bull roommate.  Each roommate comes with their own unique set of rules.

-Don’t leave towels on the bathroom floor or the cats will pee on them.
-Don’t talk during VH1 reality television programming or the female humans will be upset.
-Don’t talk during the football games or the male roommate will be upset.
-Don’t show fear or the pit bull may attack you.

What a bummer.  I have lost my basic freedom to fear.  Yesterday, I was watching The Shining and I had to turn it off out of fear that I would be attacked by my canine roommate.  He can sense fear and apparently he doesn’t like it.  Currently, Duke (the pit bull) is home for the holidays. In celebration, I watched a bunch of scary movies and felt comfortably terrified.  Living with an animal that has the ability to kill me makes life more exciting. Nothing brings more joy to my heart then seeing Duke’s tail wag.  With each wag I become more certain that I will live to see another day.

I think the rush of survival is addictive.  I am considering buying a motorcycle.  I imagine it would be a rush. A drive to work would turn into a death defying feat.  Every time I climbed off the bike I would celebrate life “I did it, I survived!”


  1. Haha! That’s funny about Duke. I watched [Rec] the other day with friend, and my bulldog sensed our fear and came over to reassure us!
    Dogs and horror movies rock!

    ps – which version of the shining was it? I hope it was the stanley kubrick version 🙂

  2. Yeah, it was the Kubrick version. Not the tv version with the guy from Wings in it!

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