Whistle Detecting keychain

This year my mother gave me a keychain for Christmas. The keychain is designed to beep when it detects a whistle. My mom knows that I spend a lot of time searching for my keys. The main reason for this reoccurring dilemma is the fact that I own a pair of pants with extremely shallow pockets. Whoever designed these pants must have ever sat down. They are great pants… as long as you never sit down while you have you keys in your pocket.

Recently, I have discovered I spend a lot of time whistling. So I feel like I am in whistle rehab. Every time I whistle I am punished with annoying beeping sounds coming from my pocket.

[Perhaps this concept could be used to help people quit smoking. Think: a smoke detecting keychain. Every time someone smokes they will be forced to listen to the annoying beeps coming from their smoke detecting keychain.]

I have not lost my keys since I have owned the key finding key chain but I have become more aware of my keys presence then ever before. The keychain works. I am down to two whistles a day and I find my self turning to humming. Humming is a safer method for me to express joy as joy manifested in the form of whistling now quickly turns to aggravation. *Beep Beep Beep!*

You would be surprised at how many songs on the radio feature whistling. Now when I listen to John Lennon’s Jealous Guy on the radio I turn into irritated guy with every beep. Perhaps there is a lesson here…

Before my keys became annoying with all the beeping I took them for granted and even forgot where they were at times. Now that my keys are obnoxious, I never forget about them. Remember the movie Home Alone? Did the family forget the obnoxious kid Buzz? Nope they left Kevin, the quiet kid.

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