Better World Books Raises $5 Million!

A wise man once told me “people dramatically overestimate what they can accomplish in a day, and dramatically underestimate what they can accomplish in 5 years.”

When this crazy ride started, in 2003, no one knew what they would be able to accomplish.  They often had to scan hundreds of books in given days (there’s the overestimation bit), but no one could have imagined that 5 years down the road Better World Books would have raised $5.2 million for global literacy.

It’s taken hard work, it’s taken commitment, and it’s taken time, the payoff couldn’t be any sweeter.  What started as an effort between friends to raise money for a local community center transformed into something bigger than anyone could imagine.  Proceeds from every book you buy go towards making that number even bigger and more effective, in turn getting money and books to those who need it. 

But this is no time to rest on our laurels.  No, this is the moment in which we make our commitment again (think of it like restating your marriage vows).  $5 million is great, $5 million exceeded dreams, but until illiteracy is conquered no amount is enough to give up the quest.  I know, now you’re thinking “Jack, that’s a pretty tall order.  How will you take on such a challenge?  Do you really think Better World Books, even with its partners can combat illiteracy when it’s so pervasive?”

Do I really think that we can do it?

Give us 5 years, I think you’ll be surprised what you find…



  1. I believe we can do more than this!! (And yes i have spent almost a thousand dollar in almost a year and i am still buying and buying..) Let’s put our efforts together and help to build a literacy world! Let’s target 10 million dollars in 2 more years!

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  3. So true, PK, thanks for the continued support!

  4. Betterworld is great 🙂

    fellow Pal from Singapore 😀

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