Music and Moments

Have you ever had a beautiful moment ruined by music?

I had a beautiful first kiss take place in my car on one romantic, rainy night in college.  We were warm in each others arms while it poured rain outside.  It was a perfect moment.  A moment that suddenly crumbled when I recognized the song playing on the radio at that moment was _______(insert a song that you despise).  If only  _______(insert a song you love) was playing on the radio that would have been perfect.   I decided to leave out actual song titles because I don’t want a potential difference in our kissing music taste to take away from the point I am trying to make.

I like to be in charge of the soundtrack of my life.

My favorite song growing up was  “American Pie.”  Don Mclean’s “American Pie” is a great song to have tied to a great memory. I associated the song with fond memories of my father and me singing along to the classic.  Hearing that song brought me joy for about 6 years.

Unfortunately, “American Pie” was playing the day the my dog had to be put to sleep.  Now when I hear that song I am forced to deal with 10 minutes of my own personal “Marley and Me” replaying in my head.  Hey if you think “Marley and Me” is a good movie check out the book.  I like the book better than the movie.  In the book, the wife is played by Katie Holmes.  Well at least that was how I imagined her when I read it. That is the beauty of books you pick the stars, you pick the actors, and you pick the soundtrack.


  1. Well said Chip! Reading books makes us artists, composers, and producers. That’s a lot of bang for our buck!

  2. the way this started out I was really excited that it was a madlib. it was still good though 🙂

  3. Great blog Chip! Thanks.

  4. Katie Holmes,

    I’m so happy you read my blog! Did you get my letters? I used to think that I was too short for you but then you go and marry Tom Cruise…

  5. Niko,
    Sorry to disappoint. Consider a madlib in the works.


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