Poll Wednesday: Presidential Reading

Today’s question is about the Commander-in-Chief: Do you believe Karl Rove when he says that G.W. Bush has read almost 100 books in 2006 and about 50 each in the last two years?

Do you think President George W. Bush read 67 books per year over the last 3 years?
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  1. If he says that he has, I’ll take it at face value. I read about two hundred books a year, after all, so 50ish seems both low to me and reasonable for someone as busy as the president presumably is.

    (The results of this poll are, of course, stunningly irrelevant when it comes to establishing the truth of whether he has read them or not!)

  2. I believe he’s done it – I’m just afraid the titles include the likes of Sheep in a Jeep and Where the Wild Things Are – hope he’s not relying on them to devise any kind of strategic plan for Iraq… on second thought, maybe that would be a good thing.

  3. I don’t believe anything Karl Rove says.

  4. No!Duh! George dubbya can’t read!

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