Anti Word of the Week: Whatev

No, I did not forget to include the end of that word. Today’s anti word of the week is “whatev.” Sometimes you’ll hear it as “whatevs” or sometimes it will be merely represented on your phone as “wtvr.” Regardless of which version you encounter, you can be sure of a few things:

-You don’t want to hang out with the person who wrote it/said it if you’re looking for a real conversation
-Your interaction can only get worse from here

The worst part though, of this insidious-when-abbreviated pronoun, is that it complete fails to offer you a real response. For example:
“Hey, which movie do you want to go to, The Curse of Benjamin Button or Slumdog Millionaire?”
“Well, I heard they’re both good, but which one are you more interested in?”

This is not helpful.

Let’s try another example:
“You bought all your textbooks from the bookstore? I thought you were trying to save money…”
“But you could’ve saved a bunch of money on!”

What does one say to that?

This inexplicably used term doesn’t just involve shortening the word, but instead shortening the whole conversation by offering nowhere to go. That is totes ridic (doh!)

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