The Calm (Before the Storm)

Sorry about the somewhat lame amount of posts lately.  There’s a lot cooking over here at Better World Books, so while I don’t want the sauce (the blog) to burn, sometimes all I can manage is the occasional stir while I’m working on dishes for other customers.

Some of the things we’re doing right now:
-Combining the woefully out of date (very 1999) Better World Books website with today’s glorious and awesome
-Changing the $5 Challenge into the $10 challenge and getting it back up on Twitter and Facebook
-Figuring out who we can give out some money and awards to (because who doesn’t like money and awards)
-Getting Facebook Connect to work on and more importantly over here on the blog!
Figuring out global warming (OK, this one is an ongoing process, but it takes up a lot of mental time just trying to figure out what to wear in a city that can be anywhere from 45 and windy to 65 and sunny on any given day)
-Selling books a.k.a. what we do

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