Testing “The Secret”

A friend of mine, Kyle, suggested I read a book entitled The Secret. Immediately, I assumed it was a “how to meet women” kind of book and declined the offer. Kyle reads countless books on how to meet women and then uses the “tactics” he learns to make women fall in “love” with “him.” (until human beings come up with a sarcasm font or a *sarcasm symbol, I am stuck with quotation marks) If Kyle ever gets married, his best man should be Logan Edwards the author of Secrets of the A Game: How to Meet and Attract Women.

I asked Kyle what the The Secret was about and he explained to me that it is about “the law of attraction.” It turns out the book is about the power of positive thinking and positive energy. The idea is that we are all made up of energy and if we focus our positive energy on the things we desire the universe will help manifest our desires.

Testing The Secret: To test this theory, I am going to focus my positive energy on the book itself and if “The Secret” manifests into my hands… I will definitely read it.

* One of Better World Books core values is to “Lead the movement.” I plan to lead the movement to create the sarcasm symbol. Do you know Chip Boyes? Yeah, he is the guy that invented the sarcasm symbol. Look out keyboard manufacturers.  I am going to rock your world. [To be continued]


  1. Can we have an irony symbol too? Then we need country variations because, I think, UK irony is quite different from USA irony. Where will it end?

  2. Jack, “The Secret” doesn’t work. I’ve been “attracting” a Toyota Prism since before it was cool to be green, and I’m still driving my Hyundai.

    If you want to read self-help:


  3. Oh, wait! I’m not driving my new Toyota Prism yet because it doesn’t exist! I need to re-attract a Toyota Prius!

  4. Mainframeguy:
    I think irony means something different in Canada too. I mean “A black fly in your chardonnay” is considered ironic up there.

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