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I love online shopping .  I find that my Christmas spirit usually dies in
the mall parking lot while I search for a space.  Mall parking lots during the holiday season can make anyone say “Bah Humbug.”

This year, I did all my Christmas shopping at  I bought books at low prices while supporting literacy and enjoying free carbon neutral shipping.

This year, I am also proud to say, I got my holiday shopping done early.  Generally, I procrastinate and find myself giving out drawings of the presents I intended to buy.

I tend to get into the holiday spirit late.
I get into the holiday spirit around December 26th when all the
Christmas items go on sale.  Suddenly, I feel the spirit.

I like to buy holiday decorations on clearance and give them to my relatives as gifts the following year.  If you have a relative that enjoys Santa Clause and decorating, a glowing plastic Santa makes a great gift ( especially at clearance price  $5.99  from $29.99!).

Sure they can’t actually “use” it until next Christmas but they will never forget what you bought them for christmas that year.

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  1. Well said.

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