Pulitzer Prize winning author John Updike dead at age 76

John Updike in 1955 John Updike, the prolific and Pulitzer Prize winning author passed away yesterday, Tuesday January 27th, from lung cancer.

Updike was best known for his Rabbit novels – two of which won the Pulitzer Prize;  Rabbit is Rich in 1982 and Rabbit at Rest in 1991.  His latest novel Terrorist was released in 2006.

Born in 1932, Updike released more than 50 books in his career, many of which were bestsellers.  He was known for his literary style and in addition to the two Pulitzers, he was also the recipient of two National Book Awards and many other literary prizes.

His voice will be sorely missed.


  1. John Updike was an inspiring author and my regards go out to everyone who loved his works. Thanks, John.

  2. Updike’s last novel was actually Widows of Eastwick, a followup to the Witches of Eastwick from which a movie was made — lots of reviews of Widows in the past month or so.

    I love that young photo of him Dana found.

  3. Debbie – thanks for the correction! Truth be told I didn’t know about Widows of Eastwick, but now I’m going to have to get a copy!

    Glad you liked the picture. I thought it was great.

  4. John Updike’s passing is sad, but he left a ton of awesome work. “Immortality is nontransferrable” he said appropriately.

  5. It’s a shame it took his death to turn me on to his books..but I’m reading Rabbit, Run right now and love it. Can’t wait to devour the rest of his books. R.I.P.

    J.E. Braun – author of Paranoia (10% of profits from Paranoia are donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund at http://www.ttof.org).

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