ReUse First

Last week, I found myself washing soup (that I didn’t eat) out of a piece of Tupperware (I didn’t own) in the men’s room.

Why? You may ask.

I am living the Better World Books “reuse first” lifestyle.

Our office is not equipped with a sink.   I am not complaining, I am merely explaining how I ended up in this predicament.   To test my allegiance to the “reuse first” principles of BWB, my coworker (Kathy) encouraged me to wash out some Tupperware someone had thrown in the trash so we could reuse it.  Today, I enjoyed a can of soup out of that rescued Tupperware and you know what?  It tasted like progress.

Kathy had previously proven to me that she lives the “reuse first” lifestyle when she made a delicious loaf of banana bread out of bananas she personally diverted from a trash can.

Bananas have a special place in my heart (right next to the heart burn they give me).  What a forgiving fruit.  Bananas never “go bad.”  They only become “banana bread worthy.”

Unfortunately, my invention pear bread is not as delicious as banana bread.  Inspired by the principle of banana bread, I decided to use some  brown, wrinkled pears I found in the back of my fridge to make some pear bread.  Unfortunately, rotten pears fail at making something delicious out of something rotten.  Still, I think we have a lot to learn from banana bread.

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