Paging Authors Podcast: Molly Fletcher

Your Dream Job Game PlanMolly Fletcher is a modern day female Jerry Maguire – she is one of the top sports agents in the country and she is one of very few females that job.  In between managing some huge names in sports like John Smoltz, Kyle Davies, Lenny Wilkens and Doc Rivers, Molly found time to write Your Dream Job Game Plan.

In her first book Molly Fletcher teaches you how to apply the idea of being a 5 tool player to your job search.

I took my recording equipment to the offices of Career Sports and Entertainment to meet with Molly and talk about the book.  The offices were glamorous but Molly could not have been more down to earth.   Though the book is geared to job seekers just out of school I found that it really applies to all of us.  And in this crazy economy you can’t have too many tools or too many pieces of advice on not only how to find a job, but how to find your dream job.

Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast!


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