I just can’t win

Close readers of the blog will know that I recently changed a reference in our quirky ship confirmation from “Hamlet (bi-polar)” to “Walter the Farting Dog (oh, the stench)”. I thought my simple reversion to potty humor would be a safe and non-threatening choice. I did not take into account the power of the South Dakota school system’s firewall. 
Apparently the word “fart” is a little too racy for their email filter, and our email was blocked as a result. In addition, some of our customers (likely the New Yorker readers out there), think this is a bit too juvenile. So – time to open it up to the public. Post in the comments any ideas for Walter’s replacement in our ship confirmation. 
If you’d like to see the whole ship confirmation, you can find it here in my previous blog post
The following message sent from your e-mail account to “xxxxxx@k12.sd.us” has been blocked because it contains inappropriate language. Please remove any inappropriate language and resend the message.
   From:        help@betterworld.com
To:          xxxxxxxx@k12.sd.us
Subject:     Your order has been shipped!
Message:     B499466660000.000000000001.0001.mml
State of South Dakota K-12 Data Center


  1. aw,gee, BWB, ya just can’t win here can ya? now here’s my thought…just be kind to those poor school people in s.d….understand…they have a tough job …course that
    lame and harmless 4-letter F-word is pretty tough to argue for. Everybody knows it…everybody DOES it…and nearly EVERYBODY -SAYS it. can’t you just save the “questionable humor” for a non-automated response page? course, I can sure understand how one would find it difficult to think that might even be a ‘questionable’ word. But, don’t be offended, I recall getting the same reply for a pretty similarly ‘harmless’ word of humor..emailing my friend at General Mills with a msg containing the word ‘poop’. there you have it …can’t please all the people all the time!

  2. That is so funny you actully researched the meaning. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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