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Here at Better World Books, we are all about doing our part to save the environment.  That said, I know sometimes the whole thing can get overwhelming.  You”re not sure how to help and which little thing will really matter.  I can assure you they all do.  You”re efforts to recycle, turn the water The urine drug test ingredients, and resulting catharsis, may irritate the colon to such an extent that it may take time to return to normal. off when you brush your teeth and buy books from us all matter.

Now there is something even easier you can do.  Vote Earth.  All you have to do is turn your lights off for one hour.  On Saturday March 28th from 8:30PM to 9:30PM just flip your light switches to off and you are voting for earth over global warming.

This is the third year of Earth Hour, which started in Sydney in 2007 with 2.2 million homes turning their lights off, grew to a global effort last year with 50 million joining in, and has a goal of 1 billion people turning their lights off this year.  Help “em out.   It”s easy, meaningful, and the candlelight could be fun.

For more information on Earth Hour, go to


  1. Dang! here I thought that the “hour without power” was my very own idea! course I didn’t have a venue to ‘get the word’ out like you do…so yeaaaay for you,BWB! I shared it with dozens on my email list. hopefully it will have more meaning with so much more glamour to it that it will spread like wildfire over the net. just doin my part here. thanks for doing yours.

  2. I liked it much better when it was “Hamlet (bi-polar)” instead of “Walter the Farting Dog (oh, the stench)” (I don’t undestand this last joke)…. but well… holly canasta batman, how about giving a new coupon?

  3. Thanks for promoting the Vote Earth 2009 global website. A new feature on the site is Google’s Friend Connect and we want to get 1 billion people on the site by November 2009, just before Copenhagen.

    To get involved, all you need to do is:
    1. Go to the site –
    2. Register with Friend Connect
    3. Send to a friend and get more people to sign up.

    It would be great if you could help getting more people involved. Thanks for your help.

    Get involved and VOTE EARTH!

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