Paging Authors Podcast: David Sheff & Nic Sheff

beautifulboy I got a hold of Beautiful Boy and Tweak less than 24 hours before I had the chance to meet and interview David Sheff and his son Nic.  And what an interesting 24 hours it was.  I spent that time totally immersed in their story and felt like I was seeing old friends when they arrived at the office.

Although their books feel completely different and are geared to completely different audiences, they share the same story; Nic’s terrifying cycle of drug addiction, recovery and relapse.

As a parent, I related to what David was going through.  These are smart, successful parents with smart and talented kids.  I’m sure, like most of us, they never thought it could htweakappen to them.  Nic could have been my kid or yours.  That’s the scary part.

Reading Nic’s story takes you away from the headlines and the statistics and gives a face and a humanity to the addiction.  By turns I was angry at him, but then wanted to hug him and protect him just they way I know his father does.

I hope you will enjoy the interview and will get great meaning out of both of these incredible books.


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  1. merris Doud says:

    I lost my daughter to a drug overdose in 2008 and was so helped by reading Nic Sheff’s book. Is there anyway I could send a message to him? I have also written a book (not yet published) and would like for him to see drug abuse from the perspective of a mother who lost her daughter to drug abuse as a means of encouraging to keep fighting the battle.

  2. I’m so glad reading Nic’s book was helpful to you. From what I understand, Nic is a very private person. That is what works best for him as he deals with his recovery on a daily basis. I believe the best way to get in touch with him is through his Dad at his website:

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