Books for Africa’s First-Ever Shipment to Mozambique

Debra, a second grader at Ray of Light School in Mozambique.What do you make possible when you shop Better World Books? These photos just came in from Mozambique where Books for Africa shipped a container-load of books funded by your purchases from Better World Books (container = those big metal boxes you see on trains and cargo ships).

The students pictured here attend the Ray of Light School where some of those books went. This container was shipped to the Baptist Convention of Mozambique. It was the first-ever shipment Books for Africa has sent to that country.
First graders and their teacher at Ray of Light School in Mozambique.


  1. Don Mc Lean says:

    Being literate opens the world to you, but the view is restricted without books.
    Well done!

  2. hey man it’is a cool thing to send books but what kind of books are being sent to mozambique? in what language? in english? i’m from a so called in development country and we are receiving this kind of help for many years but sometimes I think that they did not respect part of our sovereign to choose your language (and mozambique is a particular complicate case) and reconstruct your country… I came to admire the better world work (and support it buying my books here) but this is a question that I have…

  3. Philippa Orpin says:

    Well done BetterWorld! Mozambique is one of my most favourite places in the world. I have visited a number of schools and know how little they have in the way of resources. I know that each book you have sent will be greatly treasured.

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