Better World Books Podcast: Summer Rayne Oakes

summerrayneoakesEver hear of a bug loving, Cornell educated “Eco-Model”?  I hadn’t — not until I heard about Summer Rayne Oakes.  She’s the real deal – a talented, smart environmental activist who is also a fashion and beauty industry insider.  I had the chance to sit down with Summer Rayne to talk about her new book STYLE, NATURALLY where she details the best way to shop with sustainability in mind.

The book doesn’t choose a cause but gives you options whether you prefer fair trade, organic, all natural or buying local.  The other cool thing about the book is that Summer Rayne actually tried many of the products herself and tells you which are her favorites.summerrayneoakes2

The book is more of a resource than the kind of thing you’ll want to sit down and read cover to cover.  Instead, you’ll want to keep it handy and have it as a reference to look at before you get your money out and start spending.


Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast page!


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