Better World Books Podcast: Matthew Pearl

The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl Matthew Pearl barely looks old enough to have written one book, let alone three incredibly well researched national and international bestsellers.   But he has…and he got some impressive degrees while doing it.  A graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School, Matthew actually started writing his first novel, THE DANTE CLUB while he was still in school.  While most of us were rolling over and happily skipping our 8 o’clock classes, Matthew Pearl was writing.

And it has paid off.  His books are a unique combination of page turning mystery and well researched historical fiction.

As a book lover, I was especially excited to meet Matthew and chat about his latest book, THE LAST DICKENS when he was in Atlanta on tour recently.  I dug in to the book and got the details on what is fact and what is fiction, along with the acceptable nicknames for Matthew and a clue about what he is working on next.Author Matthew Pearl

And since Matthew is fond of sharing “extras” that weren’t in the book on his website, I’ll share a fun fact with you that’s not in the interview.  As a gift to himself when the manuscript was finished, Matthew bought and original Fields & Osgood (Osgood is the main character in the book) copy of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  He had it with him.  Super cool.


Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast page!

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