Did you catch us on Bloomberg TV?

Last week, our own Xavier Helgesen sat down with Cris Valerio at Bloomberg TV to talk about our company, our mission and how the whole thing got started.  Check it out!


  1. Luis R. Fernandez says:

    The interview of Mr. Xavier Helgesen conducted by Ms. Cris Valerio was very refreshing. The business model implemented by Better World Books is creative and in line with what the world needs now.However, The high percentage of books being recycled (50%),attracted my attention, 100,000 books per week is a large amount to be disposed of. Why is this happening? is it because the books being recycled are no longer usable? or is it because their low turnaround makes them not cost effective?. If the later were the case, it occurs to me that a low handling and storage cost method could allow a higher percentage of books to sell, rather than being recycled.
    I am an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in international business, with access to storage and handling facilities, as well as customer service personnel in Central America. If you were interested, I would like to discuss with you a partnership in which the usable books could be stored and handled, in our Central America facilities, and then shipped to the global markets. Please reply to my below e-mail address Luis R. Fernandez

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