Better World Book Club: The Accidental Bestseller

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Our Latest Pick



Last month I promised you a great beach read for June…so here it is.  To me a beach read is not necessarily all lightness and fluff, but rather a page turner where you care about the characters and are left feeling upbeat or hopeful at the end.  Wendy Wax’s latest doesn’t disappoint.

The Accidental Bestseller does for (or to) publishing what The Devil Wears Prada did for fashion mags:  gives you an under the covers look into a world you wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

Wendy uses the backdrop of the publishing industry to explore friendship, marriage and career and introduces us to four unique women who struggle with all of it.

Here’s a couple of questions the book brought up for me:

Does you career define you?  What would you do if you woke up one morning and it was over?

Do your friends have to know everything about you in order for them to truly be your friends?

How much would you risk to help a friend?

And here’s some trivia for you…there’s a character named after me somewhere in the book.  The first person to comment here on the blog with the page number I appear on gets a $25 gift certificate!

For more discussion questions and a tasty summer recipe, check out the book club email and feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you thought of the book!

— Dana


  1. Alma White says:

    Hello from Louisville, KY – My name is Alma White and I volunteer at Friendship International every Wednesday morning during the school year. It was started by three ladies in 1975 who saw a need to teach lonely foreign ladies who were confined to sit because they knew no English and had no friends in America. I have been volunteering for two years and it is so rewarding. I also teach Chinese people at their homes and online all the way to China. I buy cheap books from you and make copies from the pages. I would like to have a blackboard but that will have to wait. I want to thank you for the help you are giving out to people. It is very exciting to read about your company. I will try to buy my little tiny purchases from you when I can. Thank you Alma White

  2. Masha Chaffee says:

    Hi Dana!

    Your name appears in Wendy Wax’s book on page 311. How about that?

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