Better World Books Podcast: Christopher Gavigan

healthychildHealthy Child Healthy World is an easy to use guide for creating a safe, green and clean home for your babies and children (even the ones who haven’t been born yet – and the ones that are grown up but just act like babies!).

Complete with a shopping guide, recipes for cleaning products and expert opinions, this is a great resource for parents and parents to be (and would make a great baby shower gift…I’m just sayin’).

The best part about the book to me was the celebrity “Parentblog” entries that gave some great insight into how different people (we sort of feel like we already know) have been able to adopt some of these practices.  Celebs in the book include Meryl Streep, Tobey Maguire, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Michelle Obama and more!

I chatted with Chris by phone and I think when you listen you’ll not only get a sense chrisgaviganof his passion for creating a healthy world for kids, but also that he is in touch with the real world and the time and economic challenges most parents face.

I hope you enjoy the interview! Click here to check out more great authors talking about their books on our podcast page!



  1. Richard Bruce says:

    I made a major purchase (container load of books) from Betterworld books. I was very disappointed with the books that they sent me. I was also disappointed with customer service, which was non-existent.
    If anyone at worldbooks would like to respond my email address is;

  2. I recently became a member of betterworldbooks, and I enjoy it so much. I made a huge order a month or so ago, and I was not dissappointed at all. Yes the books were used, but there wasnt anything wrong at all with them. Since them I read 4 out of the five books I ordered and once my next book is through, Im coming right back to this site…. Thanks Guys!

  3. Phyllis Deline says:

    I discovered betterworldbooks about 3 months ago and have received 20-30 books – all in good shape and great quality reading – I concentrate on one or two authors – just now keeping up with Philip Roth and John Irving. I must have at least 10 unread books nearby in case there is a sudden snow storm (smile). Thank you for letting me find you!!!

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