Our partners stop by for a visit!

It’s always great to meet with our partners face to face and to show them around our South Bend, Indiana warehouse so they can really get a feel for what’s we’re doing.

Just last week we had a visit from Shaun Skelton, Executive Director of Visions In Action and Pat Plonski, Executive Director of Books For Africa where we  discussed ongoing collaborative opportunities.warehousedavidpat

Visions In Action is shipping seven containers of books to South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania, with Books For Africa providing the books and Better World Books and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) providing funding.

“Better World Books is our number one funder, our number one source for college textbooks, and our number one source of visibility on some 800 college campuses across North America,” Plonski noted. “Their support has been critical to our success, and it was great to tour their facilities and meet their staff.”

–Always a pleasure Pat!  We’re so glad you do what you do.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cydney Kaster says:

    I’d love to know how I could get books to you folks. Is there some sort of drop off group/ place?

  2. I receive emails from you on occasion and would like to post them to my Facebook Page but find it difficult to do so…. I end up searching for your website where I do post the latest message.

    I would like to see a button on your Better Books web-page where I am able to post directly to Facebook. Or, have a button where I can be a “FB Fan” of your Page. You would automatically post to my page and I would in turn post it on mine. This would give me access I need to forwarding the info…

    You have many interesting books to display and promote and I am most willing to post them but I’m not always informed of them in time.

    My FB Page is an International page…Thanks in advance, Eli MC D

    the last one I posted was:

    Dear Better World Books Customer,
    I can’t think of a person who better exemplifies the mission of Better World Books than William Kamkwamba. One donated textbook inspired him to build a windmill in his village, which changed his life forever and inspired thousands of other Africans. I had the privilege of meeting William in Malawi a few years ago and wished there was a way that more people could hear his story.

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