Our New Partnership with Feed The Children

Feed The Children Picks-Up Children's Book Donations from Better World BooksWe are very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Feed The Children (check out the press release). We just got things going with them in October, and already we’ve jointly provided over 300,000 children’s books to families in need!

We recently toured Feed The Children’s Elkhart, IN facility where we learned about FTC’s programs and saw the books we’ve donated in action. FTC delivers personal care shipments to families in need which include 3 boxes: a box of food items, a box of personal care items, and a box of Avon products. Since our partnership started, they’ve been including 10 children’s books in each box of personal care items.
Donated Books in a Feed The Children Care PackageRodney Alabaugh of Feed The Children packs books into a Personal Care Package.

The idea is that FTC is about more than just nutrition, it is also about providing a basis for dignity – hence the importance of personal care items. And, as Erin Carlstrom, Director of Education Programs at Feed The Children, told me, it is about feeding minds as well as bodies – hence the importance of books!

Pictured (left to right): Phil Sorberg (BWB), John Tracy (FTC), Rodney Alabaugh (FTC), Paul “Paco” Miller (BWB), and Erin Carlstron (FTC).
Pictured (left to right): Phil Sorberg (BWB), John Tracy (FTC), Rodney Alabaugh (FTC), Paul “Paco” Miller (BWB), and Erin Carlstron (FTC).


  1. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea FTC was about more than just filling bellies. Your commitment has inspired me to see how we might be able to get involved.

    In this day and age, giving children the opportunity to walk away from electronics is a must! Starting children reading at a young age is essential in developing, not only their imaginations, but also their love of a lifetime of reading. Our kids are 10 and 12, and we still have a “family” evening read at least 3 times/week! Thanks again.

  2. This is amazing! I knew that BWB has helped with foodbanks in the past but stepping it up to FTC is inspiring.

  3. Tanya Goodmeyer says:

    Remarkable effort and platform with such an original approach!

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  5. Lauri Costello says:

    i’ve supported FTC with their VitaMeal on a regular basis; i’m thrilled to know you’re supporting them too!

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