Feed the Children Mobilizes in Haiti

FTC-logo2 Feed the Children, a Better World Books partner, sent us this update on their activities in Haiti:

Cash donations to the relief effort in Haiti can be made at www.feedthechildren.org or by calling 800-328-2122.

We have supplied partner agencies Operation Compassion, Children’s Hunger Fund, Lifechurch, First Haitian Church, Kingdom Resources, Reach Out America, Healing Hands International and Family Outreach Ministries with product from our distribution centers in California, New Jersey, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Included in that cargo is sleeping bags, water, coffee, team, bags of flour and Crocs shoes.  We have also purchased duffle bags and flashlights to include in the shipments.  This cargo adds up to almost a million pounds of supplies that are being sent.

Office Depot, Crocs, Glory Foods and Carolina Beverage are some of our partners providing product and monetary donations to help the effort.

Our medical clinic in Carrefour suffered extensive damage, but we have been able to salvage two and a half tons of Vitameal from the facility and it has already been distributed to the people.  That distribution will provide 60,000 Supplies there are running low but we are shuttling more in through the Dominican Republic. Our clinic has been in operation in Haiti since 1981 and we normally serve 7-8,000 people per month, dealing with basic medical needs and providing food.  Right now, they are providing medical assistance in the streets and transporting victims to field trauma centers.

FTC Canada also has a medical clinic in Haiti called Mission of Hope.  No one in their compound was hurt and the buildings are still standing. They are providing basic medical care. Thirteen more health care workers – ten paramedics and three doctors – will head to Haiti this week to restock depleted medical supplies and help those already caring for the injured. They will bring the medical supplies and back up for the four exhausted paramedics who were already on the ground when the earthquake hit last Tuesday.

Our International Programs Vice-President, Rachel Zelon arrived in Haiti this weekend with some additional supplies and is helping to coordinate direct help on the ground. She is shuttling supplies through the Dominican Republic and although roads are congested on that route, they are otherwise in good shape.

Feed The Children is always ready to accept any items available.  If there is something not on this basic list that a supplier would like to donate, I am sure that we can find a use for it.

These are some of the items that are critically needed:

Basic Medical Supplies including bandages, gauze, etc. – Our clinic will be attempting to provide basic medical assistance to those in need.

Water – One of the critical health issues in this type of situation is the availability to provide fresh drinking water.

Tents and Sleeping Bags – With so many structures destroyed, thousands of people are without shelter and when emergency shelters are set up, they will need places to sleep.

Flashlights and Batteries – We would expect that sustained electrical power will not be available for some time.

Shovels, gloves and vinyl bags – The cleanup effort in the weeks to come will be massive, so these items will be essential

Cleaning supplies, disinfectant wipes

Backpacks – Most of the people affected have had all their belongings destroyed and will need something to store what little they have been able to salvage.  We can also distribute emergency food items in the backpacks.

Ready-to-eat meals will be needed as there will be a lack of water for cooking and a lack of facilities to prepare means.

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  1. Here is an update as of Jan. 20, 2010:

    Through partnerships with corporations and other relief organizations, Feed The Children has dedicated more than $3,000,000 million dollars in supplies to victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

    Since the earthquake struck the country last week, Feed The Children has prepared shipments of food, water, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies and cleaning supplies to be sent by air and water for the relief effort. United Airlines is providing air transport from Chicago for several loads of cargo.

    In addition, Feed The Children’s medical clinic in Carrefour is operational and staff is on the ground providing basic medical care. The mayor of Carrefour has asked Feed The Children to set up two “Health Ports” for immediate medical assistance to those with non life-threatening injuries. Two and a half tons of Vitameal has been also been distributed, providing more than 60,000 meals.

    Corporate partners in the relief effort include Office Depot, Dole, Little Giant Pump Company, Clif Bar, Niagra Water, Carolina Beverage, Glory Foods, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Crocs, Ralston, Wells Lamont, Frito-Lay, Azar Nut Company, Sunny Delight, Mama Lycha, Fandeli International, American Italian Pasta, Sweet Leaf Tea, Pacific Water International, Carriage House, Stauffer Manufacturing and Food Should Taste Good.

    Partner agencies helping to distribute supplies in Haiti include Operation Compassion, Healing Hands International, Children’s Hunger Fund, Kingdom Resources, Tabernacle of God, Reach Out America, First Haitian Church, Haitian-American Care, Lifechurch, Shrewsbury Gospel Temple and Family Outreach Ministries.

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