Better World Books Podcast: Janice Y. K. Lee

pianoteacher-250Ask any overnight success how easy their success really was and they’ll tell you it certainly didn’t feel overnight to them.  Janice Y. K. Lee is no exception to that.

THE PIANO TEACHER is Janice’s debut novel and she admittedly didn’t have too much trouble finding a publisher, but she did spend 5 years writing the book as well as several years in a graduate writing program and several years reviewing and reading books for Elle and Mirabella magazines.

As with any artist Janice wasn’t sure she could write a novel let alone get it published and she is thrilled about how well the book has been received.  And with good reason.

THE PIANO TEACHER takes place in Hong Kong during WWII and then in the period 10 years after the war.  It is a story of the glamorous seeming British ex-pat society living there at the time and how they fared when the war came to them.  The book is not only beautifully written but thought provoking and I can see why it is getting such a buzz.

Janice and I talked about the book recently when she came through Atlanta on her book tour.

Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast!


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