2010: A New Year a New Decade – Part 2

davidmurphyIn our continuing series on the outlook for 2010 and beyond, CEO David Murphy takes a look at the foundation of Better World Books and why it matters.

We’ve been at it for more than a few years now and we’ve certainly had to make some course corrections along the way…as any good company does.  In spite of that, or perhaps because of it, I am so proud of the strong foundation we have to stand on.  Sure it’s about technology and infrastructure so I’ll talk to that first, but it’s really about so much more than that.

TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE – We have invested millions of dollars in building out a superior technology footprint….and we are getting smarter everyday in understanding the value of a used book and how that will benefit our customers.  We have developed core competencies in Logistics, Analytics, Web Dev, Operations, Book Acquisitions and so much more……and it should continue to show up in the quality and breadth of our book selection, the overall buying experience of our customers, our pricing, delivery, customer care…..everything as seen through the eyes of our customers.

PARTNERSHIPS, TRANSPARENCY & TRUST – We have thousands of individuals, groups, institutions who provide us books…..tens of thousands per day.  They believe in us, in our ability to generate consistent levels of funding for our non-profit literacy groups and library partners.  I commit every one of us at Better World Books (as I have from Day 1) to being open, transparent and fully accountable to our book donors on what happens with the books they place in our care (through a complete audit trail of what books are sold, donated or at a minimum recycled….and kept out of landfills).  We will continue to work hard every day to earn their trust.

GLOBAL OPERATIONS, INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS & FANS – We are a global company, selling in more than 200 countries.  Our international customer base (and those raving fans!) is growing….our brand is certainly not constrained by domestic borders.  Our UK operation is up and running strong and we are committed to an even better shopping experience for a lot of our international customers before the year is out.  Stay tuned…..

GREAT PEOPLE – I mentioned our employees in Part 1 of the series…..but they need another call out.  They are the best…..enough said.  Without them, none of this happens.


  1. How do I donate books.

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