2010: A New Year a New Decade – Part 3

davidmurphyIn our final installment on the outlook for 2010 and beyond, CEO David Murphy takes a look at the bigger picture.   As we look forward to this new decade, we know that in order to be successful everything has to line up just so.    In our earlier installments we took a look at the people and the foundation of our company.  In today’s post David takes a look at the market:

The book industry is changing rapidly, from Kindles and iPads to publishers and authors fighting to stay afloat and looking for new distribution channels.  With disruption comes opportunity. We are constantly evaluating each new trend with two things in mind.  You – our customer, and our literacy partners. As always we are looking to bring you the best deal on books while helping improve world literacy.  I believe we are nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial enough to examine each trend and find the RIGHT opportunities.  It’s in our DNA.

Here’s what we know for sure.  More and more people are buying books online…globally.  Frugality rules.  People want value…LOTS of value for the dollars they spend. We are well positioned to meet this demand with our core product offering:  used books at  great prices with great service in multiple countries around the world.  In the midst of a huge economic downturn, especially in the book industry, we continue to scale….profitably.  Our balance sheet has never been stronger.

So here’s to the new year and the new decade.  We are excited about what the future holds and the impact we can continue to make with your help!

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  1. Lester Levi says:

    Your service to the book industry and to mankind is greatly appreciated-from a book lover.I witness for you at every chance. May the majestic grace of our Risen Lord contine to guide you!

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