Better World Books Podcast: Wendy Wax

magnoliaI met Wendy Wax, author of Magnolia Wednesdays and The Accidental Bestseller several years ago through work and we became friends.  Good friends.  The kind of friends that know each others families and drink wine together whenever possible.

So, reading a book by a friend has an interesting quality to it, as does interviewing them.  When reading, I think “Hmmm.  That living room she is describing sounds a lot like her living room” or better yet ” I think I might know who she based that character on!”.  While interviewing Wendy I struggled not to lapse into our usual chit chat about the struggles of the day – and I didn’t jump in to admit that indeed I was the friend who went ballroom dancing with her in the name of research.

But in the name of sharing, I thought you should know.  And I also think you should know that all biases of friendship aside, the books is a page turner.  You’ll want to know what happens next.  It’s a story about women and the struggles we face at various places in our lives.  It’s also a story of secrets and lies which Wendy explains in the interview. And most of all Magnolia Wednesdays contains plenty of Wendy’s trademark humor which is aimed squarely at suburbia.

Let’s face it, any book that starts with someone wendywaxgetting shot in the butt is bound to make you laugh and want to keep on reading.

Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast!

— Dana


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