EPA Award. W00t!

epa_logoWe like awards and we like the earth, so we’re pretty stoked to get an award from the EPA.

Yup.  We’re mean and green and we’re proud of it.  Okay well, we’re not mean but you get the idea.  And so does the EPA.  We were just awarded 2009 WasteWise Gold Award for Paper Reduction.

Wanna know why?  We never throw a book away.  Ever.  Any used books we can’t sell are either sent directly to one of our non-profit literacy partners or are recycled.

We have diverted more than 32 million books from landfills while raising $7.6 million in funding for literacy and education initiatives worldwide through the sale of those books.

“Every year, almost a million tons of books are thrown away. We’re proud of our company’s accomplishments reducing that tremendous and unnecessary waste,” says our CEO David Murphy. “By moving discarded books out of landfills and back into the reading cycle, we’re not only helping the environment, but also raising money for good causes and promoting literacy. We are honored to be recognized by the EPA and to receive this WasteWise Gold award.”

So if you want to help us fight the good fight, get out there and hug a tree, then brush yourself off and buy some more used books!

For more information – check out the official press release!

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